French Polishing

French Polishing is an age old technique that has been used by craftsmen throughout the ages. The term French Polishing is the technique describing the application of Shellac or Seedlac by hand. Otherwise known as traditional hand finishing involving the application of many coats it gives a beautiful finish that if treated with respect will last many many years. We here at Eastern Suburbs French Polishing use Shellac occasionaly. As its a lower grade of polish I have found it lacking in quality and simply just doesn't stand up to the test of time.

Where as Seedlac the finish I use on 95% of my work is a purer form of polish that gives better and more lasting results. It is a more expensive product but as a craftsman what price can I put on my reputation or my satisfaction in the work I am doing or have done over the last 30 years. Nothing gives me more pride than seeing an item I french polished years prior still glowing like it had only been french polished six months ago.

French Polishing antique or modern furniture is a skill only mastered by time and experience. From simple reviving of an old finish on an antique piece to stripping and sanding table tops then colour maching them to match their bases, we here at Eastern Suburbs French Polishing work on each individual item with a passion and enthusiasm not rivalled in the field. Below are some examples of our work at Eastern Suburbs Mobile French Polishing including some before and after photos.