Antique Furniture Insurance Work

Do you have valuable collectibles that were damaged during a move or during a storm? Insurance claims against a removal company or household insurance company are the go to restorers. We have many years experience in providing detailed quotations to satisfy you and your insurers that the work will be done to the highest standard with a reliable and professional service. Would you like to make sure your valuable possessions are repaired and repolished back to its former glory? If so, you’re in the right place. Sydney Mobile French Polishing are Furniture restoration experts to help you with all insurance claims and the right choice to get the service your treasured items deserve.

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Antique Furniture Insurance Claim Specialists

Regardless of how careful your removalists are during a move, accidents are sometimes inevitable. When disaster strikes in your home and your furniture gets water damaged from a storm  you need the services of a good quality restoration service, and that is where we can help! At Sydney Mobile French Polishing, our antique furniture restoration craftsmen experts will do their best to help your insured antique furniture of high value be restored back to its original state. We understand that when you’ve owned items for many years they can become very sentimental.  

Book Sydney Mobile French Polishing to bring a new life to your beloved pieces. Contact us today and restore your damaged antique furniture.