Wood Furniture Restoration

Does your wood furniture need replacing? Are you looking to save money while also updating your tables, armoire or wood sofas? Replacing entire sets of wood furniture tends to be expensive. That’s why finding a professional wood furniture restoration expert can save you money and offer fabulous furniture as well. We at Sydney Mobile French Polishing wood furniture and other wood details last a lifetime with timber furniture restoration work done by the pros.

Whether you need us to fix small nicks, chipped corners or deep gouges, we can tackle any wood furniture issue. Don’t let blemished wood turn into an eyesore but protect your furniture’s aesthetic appeal. Instead of throwing away or selling your damaged furniture, simply call us and trust our team of wood furniture restoration experts to do flawless work. Whether it’s a small, precision repair or a complete restoration, you can rely on Sydney Mobile French Polishing technicians to get your pieces back to brand-new condition.



We offer an array of wood furniture restoration services. If you need on-site work, we’re all set to start restoring.

On-site furniture repair that we do:

  • Washing back of polished surfaces
  • Repolishing old furniture
  • Hand stripping, sanding
  • and repolishing kitchen benchtops
  • Touching up lacquered surfaces
  • Minor repairs

Investing in antique and wooden furniture will require a lot of money, which is why you need to find the best way to protect it. Hiring reliable furniture repair and restoration experts will be the smartest choice. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen will provide furniture repairs that will successfully restore your wooden and antique furniture to its original condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Contact us today and make a smart investment for the future of your furniture.