Antique Piano Restoration

We know how precious your vintage piano must be to you. Vintage pianos are works of art with tremendous sentimental value and examples of extraordinary craftsmanship. That’s why we at Sydney Mobile French Polishing aim to restore your vintage piano polish accurately. Our detailed craftsmanship and modern technology that we’ll mix with your antique piano will look better than new. Sydney Mobile French Polishing offers one of Australia’s finest antique piano restoration services.


Antique Piano Restoration Sydney

We specialise in restoring the most delicate antique pianos, and we’ll do our best to make your antique piano looks just as it did many years ago when it was first introduced to your family. Our specialised technicians, including Chris himself, will take all the time they need to dedicate their full attention to your precious heirloom, making the antique piano look like the day it came out of the factory. This antique piano restoration process includes uncompromising attention to detail and meticulous craft to revive and enhance the appearance of your antique piano. Worry not, we’ll make sure also to recapture the beauty and brilliance intended by the original maker.

With Sydney Mobile French Polishing antique piano restoration, it’s essential always to know and research traditional piano manufacturing methods. We’re always on top of our game, aiming to offer you restoration projects that will meet the modern pianist’s increasing technical demands. You will have an instrument that can deliver extremes of colour, texture and dynamic, without losing its originality. 

Contact us today if you need expert antique piano restoration polishing services.