Antique Restoration

Mastering the craft of antique restoration takes years. Starting from the preparation stage and going all the way to repairs and French polishing, antique wood restoration requires dedication, talent and commitment. Those are precisely the characteristics that you’ll find in our team of experts. Harnessing this learning whilst working in many antique restoration companies throughout Australia, Chris has become incredibly knowledgeable and skilful in all aspects of antique restoration and repair.


Antique Restoration Furniture Sydney

Owning a piece of antique furniture that your grandparents and ancestors owned in the past comes with tremendous sentimental value. Therefore, you’ll need true experts who know exactly how to restore your antique furniture without damaging an inch of it. When looking for antique wood restoration services in Australia, Sydney Mobile French Polishing will be the best choice. 

Knowing how to restore antique furniture to preserve its style and history takes many years to master. In that sense, Christopher Escriva will be a trusted choice considering he’s got over 40 years of experience in French polishing and antique furniture restoration. You can count on receiving unparalleled service precisely thanks to the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience Chris and his associates have. With the necessary attention to detail and workmanship, he’ll invest in restoring your antique furniture, and you will know you have made the right choice once your prized piece of furniture is returned, looking amazing beyond your expectations.